Are you paying too much for credit card processing?

Innsoft, Inc. offers a credit card processing interface that will help your property to eliminate mistakes and streamline front desk operations.  Once you have our interface you will never need to pay for or lease another credit card terminal.  Give Innsoft a call today for a free demo of the credit card processing interface or fill out our Online Request Form!

Whether or not you have our interface, though, credit card processing fees can be a large operational cost for your property.  It’s a good idea to periodically review your processing charges to insure that your property is not paying higher costs than necessary.

We work with almost any processor, but we highly recommend Fortis Payment Systems.  They are an established processor familiar with the hospitality industry.  They can provide you with a free, confidential statement analysis.  The analysis will give you an apples to apples comparison with your current processor to determine whether or not you are paying more than necessary.  Fortis will help you decipher the complicated fee system many providers use.

If you are interested in comparing your current credit card processor’s rates to Fortis, please call Innsoft at 800.950.8995, option 1 or fill out the Online Request form.

A word from Fortis Payment Systems:
“In today’s economy consumers are using less cash and checks and are using credit and debit cards as their choice of payment.  When traveling for business or pleasure, eating at a favorite restaurant or entertaining clients, the use of credit cards continues to grow not only as a method of payment but as a method of lifestyle.  With these changes merchants have been bombarded with the ever altering Visa/MC fees, rules and regulations.  We know that in addition to managing these changes merchants must also manage their businesses.At Fortis Payment Systems, LLC we have designed a program that not only provides business owners with increased savings on their credit card processing, but we bring industry experience and customer service beyond any of our competitors.  In addition, our on-line services help our merchants to manage their everyday business more efficiently, lowering their overall costs and helping their bottom line!”

2 thoughts on “Are you paying too much for credit card processing?

  1. If you have a license for Check-Inn at your property, we offer a high-speed internet credit card processing interface that allows you to process your transactions directly through the software (instead of a side terminal).
    If you are inquiring about the credit card processing service itself, we highly recommend Fortis Payment Solutions.
    Please give our sales team a call for more information. They are available Mon – Fri 8AM – 4PM Pacific Time at 503-643-8162, option 1.
    Thank you!

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