Advanced Passwords for Check-Inn

Example of Advanced Shift Report

The Advanced Password* feature in Check-Inn enables the creation of separate, password protected accounts for each Check-Inn user. Access to program functions is controlled by creating user groups with customized permissions settings for different types of users (desk clerk, auditor, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.).Each user will have their own log in and we also offer employee password cards that will allow hotel employees to swipe the card through a magnetic stripe reader to log in to Check-Inn. With this option, there is no need to worry about employees forgetting their password.Because Advanced Passwords allows each user to log in separately, it also allows Check-Inn enhanced ability to track activities in the software. One of the most useful reports available when you setup Advanced Passwords is the Advanced Shift Report. The Advanced Shift Report enables authorized Check-Inn users to create customized shift reports that can be “filtered” to contain only the specific shift data you need. These filters can be saved, making it very easy to run reports.

One of the most useful features of the Advanced Shift Report is the ability to track a guest from the creation of the reservation. This includes any changes made to that reservation, everything that happens during check-in, the guest screen, and even information regarding activity in the Daily Audit and Accounts Receivable that happens after the guest has checked-out. This type of itemized information can be incredibly important for hoteliers.

Even if you are not concerned about restricting access to areas of the program, Advanced Passwords will enable you to view reports with a greater level of detail, which can help when you need to perform an audit, track down a charge, view program history, and more. When you need assistance, having Advanced Passwords configured will allow Innsoft Support the ability to search through your history and data faster to recover the information you need or perform necessary fixes in the program.

Shift logs can be stored for a longer period of time with Advanced Passwords. With Basic Passwords, the Manager Shift Report data is stored for 30 days. With Advanced Passwords, it can be stored for up to 12 months (depending on your settings).

For more information or for help setting up Advanced Passwords, please contact Innsoft Support. If you do not have an active Service Contract, please give Innsoft Sales a call!

*Please note that advanced passwords replace basic passwords.