About Backups, Support and More.

When it comes to computers, the one question you will most likely hear when calling any company for support is: “Do you have a backup?”

We can never stress enough the importance of backing up your data.  This is, of course, extremely important with Check-Inn, because this is a system you likely use most of the day, every day of the year.  But it’s a good idea to backup any data you have on any computer you use.

Check-Inn has automatic backups twice daily, but it defaults to your hard drive.  It is VERY important not to change this to an external device (such as a flash drive) because these can be easily removed, resulting in no backups at all.  At the same time, if your hard drive crashes, and you have no other backups. all of your data could easily be lost.

Manual backups should be part of your daily tasks.  If you are not backing up your information at least daily to a separate hard drive or cloud based system, then give our support team a call immediately to discuss your options.

The vast majority of the time, you likely have no problems with Check-Inn.  But then, all of a sudden, something isn’t working right. You might have had a power outage or unexpected system failure.  You may have a new employee that could have checked in a guest incorrectly.  Your financial reports may suddenly not be reconciling correctly.

No matter what the issue is, if something doesn’t seem quite right, the most important thing to do is give our Tech Support team a call as soon as possible.  The worst thing to do is to either wait to call us (which can exacerbate the problem) or attempt to fix it yourself (which could also exacerbate the problem).  Our support team are experts and will be able to help you correct the issue without causing further damage.

Whether you live in an area commonly effected by power outages or not, it is essential to have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) for EVERY computer at your property.  They are not expensive and can save you hours of frustration and keep you safe from data loss due to power outages.  Give us a call if you have questions about how a UPS works and what it can do for your business.

Anti-Virus Software
If you are not sure what this is for or whether or not you have it installed and running on all the computers at your property, please call our support team immediately.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, no business can afford to operate without this absolutely essential tool.