A few things you may not know about Check-Inn

Because of our length of time in business, Innsoft has both new and long-term customers with a range of experience levels using Check-Inn.  Some properties have used Check-Inn for one or two months and others have used it for one or two decades.  In addition, we always have properties that are still in the demo period and just starting to learn.

Regardless of where your experience level with Check-Inn falls, there may be some options and features that you are not taking advantage of.  Let’s start out with some simple ones:

  1. Email.  Your property can send email confirmations to customers and email reports to managers or owners.  The same option allows for carbon copying (cc) to as many email addresses as you need.  Most customers expect email confirmations and they are very easy to send from Check-Inn.  Anything from Occupancy reports, housekeeping, reservation reports, etc. can also be emailed easily through Check-Inn.
  2. Hotkey.  The hotkey feature in Check-Inn allows for quick access to information for the front desk staff.  I recommended in a previous blog article that it’s a great idea to keep a list of essential contact information for your front desk staff.  The hotkey is the best place to store this information.  For instance, hotkey #1 or #2 could be directions to the hotel or nearby restaurants, emergency contact info for police/fire departments, repair/maintenance technicians, etc.
  3. Logos.  Nearly all properties have a logo.  You can improve the look of your folios and reports by adding your logo to these documents.
  4. Customized statements.  In Check-Inn you can customize checkout statements or registration cards.  You can also easily change the verbiage on your folios and billing statements.  This will help guests understand your property and increase the professional look of your documents.

These are just a few easy things that can be done in Check-Inn.  There are other options that can help you make more money and generally improve your business.  I will soon be sending out our Check-Inn Quarterly Newsletter.  It will contain more things you may not know about Check-Inn.

If you need help with any of the options listed above, or have other questions, give our support team a call and they would be happy to assist you!

Don’t have a Service Contract?  Contact Innsoft Sales at 800.950-8995, option 1 and they will assist you with your account.