Monthly Archives: February 2014

Innsoft Winter Update

Signature Pad It’s tax season, business is starting to pick up in preparation for Spring and we have a new product available!  Because of this and our increasing portfolio of active customers, we are busier than ever.  To help handle the call volume and needs of our customers we will be adding more personnel to…

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Going Green with Check-Inn

Going green, or paperless, using the Check-Inn system has become a real possibility!  Several of our options can be used together to help make front desk operations easy, fast, and less expensive.  Even if you are not able to go completely paperless, there are a good combination of options for you to save on printing…

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Signature Pad and Newsletter

Signature Pad for Check-Inn Just a few days ago we released the new Signature Pad for Check-Inn.  This is a hardware option frequently requested by many of our current and past customers.  It is a great add-on for almost any property to help save time during the check-in/check-out process, save money on document printing and…

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